Mitski Concert Invite

This invitation to a Mitski concert at Mass MoCA includes a minisite and a physical invite which comes with an illustrated poster featured in the backdrop here. I created a new illustration style for this project and it became one of my favorite illustrations that I've done.

*this project is conceptual and is in no way affiliated with Mitski or MoCA

Physical Invite

I was inspired to create these crazy illustrative lines, all in saturated colors, that would interact with each other and immitate sensory feelings of sound and light. Though the illustration is very colorful, the color palette was limited to only about 20 colors. This poster was given so much importance that it actually became the centerpiece of the physical invite and the rest of the invite was designed around it. The poster was to be shipped to Mass MoCA members in a colorful, ambiguous shipping tube. A QR code on the back of the poster would link to the minisite where they would be encouraged to buy tickets to the Mitski concert at Mass MoCA. The mini site would have any additional information needed.


The sole purpose of this mini website is to get people who scanned the QR code to buy tickets. For that reason, I kept it short and to-the-point and focused my energy on making cool animations for it to further entice people to buy tickets.

The color scheme for the website was inspired by a picture of Mitski (shown here) in vibrant pink lighting. From there I added the complimentary blue and gave different elements a subtle idle animation on the landing page.