Pizza Hut Campaign

This is a conceptual ad campaign and illustrations for Pizza Hut. The idea for the illustrations and slogan, "Where Will The Hut Go Next?," was inspired by a list of delivery achievements on Pizza Hut's website. They have delivered pizza everywhere from the International Space Station to the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro, begging the question: Where will the hut go next?

*this project is conceptual and is in no way affiliated with the Pizza Hut®

Pizza Box Illustrations

Sketches & Drafts

I came up with the idea for the campaign ad and illustration series pretty quickly but it was initially much more fictional and themed entirely in space. I had started drawing a Pizza Hut rocket delivering to aliens on the moon and Mars before being guided to make the destinations more based. I decided to depict the two biggest delivery achievements of Mt. Kilimanjaro and the International Space Station as well as a third under-da-sea destination. Box shape was also taken into consideration. I began drawing for a less-traditional, octagonal-shaped box before setting on the larger canvas of a traditional square box.

Final Pizza Boxes

After dozens of changes and adjustments I came up with 3 separate ideas all following the same theme of exotic deliveries. One depicts a delivery from a helicopter to the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro. Another depicts and underwater delivery from a scuba diver to a very happy shark. And the final one depicts an astronaut delivering to the International Space Station. All three delivery vehicles incorporate the red roof logo into their design. Pizza is for everyone and so I made sure that friendly, fun feeling was reflected in the style I used. The handwritten type for the slogan is to be used on the inside of the box as well as on billboards and other marketing material.


Designer: Tommy McDowell Instructor: Jason Kernevich
Designer: Tommy McDowell   ●   Instructor: Jason Kernevich