Sportal | NFL is a theoretical virtual reality application that allows fans to attend the game from anywhere. Unlike competitors that only offer a select few games each season, Sportal | NFL would bring you every home game live in VR. Fans can pay to watch games individually or they can buy a Season Pass; a subscription service that allows fans to watch every game offered on Sportal | NFL. The end goal is to allow fans to virtually attend any game of any sport live.


early logo concepts;  the logo on the far right is a precursor to the final logo

Behind The Logo

The Sportal logo is designed to invoke a sporty feeling while simultaneously feeling both modern and technological. The portal forms the ‘o’ in the Sportal logotype, clearly referencing the naming of the app: sports + portal. The divider between the Sportal logotype and the NFL logo allows the main logotype to be reused for future apps with the logos of other sports leagues. The final logo has two variants, one for light backgrounds and one for dark backgrounds.

Final Logos

light logo

dark logo


Sportal | NFL is focused on bringing you the best NFL football watching experience. Starting in 8 cities, Sportal | NFL allows you to watch every game home game of the season for 10 NFL teams in VR with more coming soon. Sportal | NFL offers unique camera angles not found anywhere else! With more than 13 different 3D cameras in each stadium and stationary cameras embedded in the helmets of star players and the hats of the referees, you get to see the game from just about any angle you can imagine! Switch to a player cam and see through the bars of their helmet with toggle-able filters or get a view of the stadium from the nosebleeds.

Sportal | NFL is designed to be easily accessible to everyone, no matter how much experience you have with virtual reality. Everything is designed to have a modern, sporty feel. Buttons are large and clearly labeled for ease of use. Pop-up menus are semi-transparent so you can still get a glimpse of the game behind it. The entire interface is focused and organized so you get the best possible experience. The full user experience can be seen in the video below:


The website is designed to quickly find the information you need to know about the product. It takes clear design inspiration from VR and mobile app as you can see from its modern look and fonts. When you first land on the site you will see a quick animation that already hints at what Sportal | NFL is all about. Then you can quickly check what platforms Sportal | NFL is available on from a drop-down menu or go right into the About page to get more info.

Designer: Tommy McDowell   ●   Instructor: Abby Guido